Effectively implementing a CRM system in your organization can enhance internal communication by increasing transparency, encouraging team collaboration, and boosting accountability. Through shared calendars, automatic reminders to complete tasks, and easy access to meeting notes, a CRM system can streamline moving your prospects through the sales process and increase your closing ratios.


Create a different experience for your customers by increasing their visibility within your organization through centrally documenting their goals, needs, and history with your organization. Improve customer service by addressing your customers consistently across multiple communication channels, communicate solutions with standard templates to minimize miscommunication, and manage clients with an integrated system. Clear external communication due to improved internal communication results in increased credibility and preservation of client relationships.


Increase Sales Management Efficiency

An efficient and operational CRM system offers transparent access to customer and prospect data, protects your pipeline, and increases accountability of the sales person to deliver. Sales managers can access communication logs with prospects and utilize dashboard reporting for objective monitoring of target achievement and pipeline activity in addition to providing a centralized location for generating call lists and offering easy access to sales tools such as product data sheets, proposal templates, and sales presentations for their sales teams. GGR establishes and implements both CRM usage policies and reporting functions to support sales management.

Fit for Purpose CRM System

Identifying and understanding workflows is essential for utilizing your CRM system to its fullest potential. GGR works with you to identify and map out the processes necessary for customizing and implementing your CRM to its maximum benefit.


Through identifying your sales process, proposals and contract negotiations, and invoice and payment processes, GGR focuses on all aspects of customer interactions to effectively monitor and understand your sales pipeline and revenue forecasts. We identify the sources needed for your system integration, including sales and marketing data, competitor information, vendor requirements, and product/service details.




• Hardware and Software Requirements

• Agreed Upon CRM Policies and Procedure Manual

• Determine Super User/Administrator

• Establish hierarchy of user privileges, data access

  levels, and data sharing

• Verify user control,  parameters, and expectations

  of CRM usage


Essential to any CRM is the quality of the data input into the system. Training on multiple levels is necessary to keep your CRM data up to date for accurate reporting. Not only do CRM users need to know how to use the system, but also the rules and policies regarding CRM utilization. GGR offers basic, advanced and super user training to sales team members, management, executives, marketing teams, and administrative support.  Supplement your CRM training through funnel management training, 360 sales workshops, and other GGR training solutions.


To take your CRM to the next level, enroll your sales and marketing teams in the CRM Advanced Training course.  Within the Advanced course the team will need to have a working knowledge of their current CRM or have completed the CRM Basic Training.


• Forecasting

• Setting up and managing marketing


• Account relationships

• Creating workflows

• Customizing dashboards




Set up your sales teams for success by utilizing CRM Basic Training. Through the basic training individuals will learn:


• General user navigation

• Basic Salesforce Terminology

• Setting up new accounts,

   opportunities, and leads

• Basic reporting functions

• Managing their dashboard

• Summarizing data


Maximizing your CRM software can be achieved by enrolling a user into the Super User CRM Training course.  By employing a Super User, you ensure that an internal staff member understands the ins and outs of your CRM system in order to apply customization, modify modules and areas to best fit your organization, and serve as direct support to your staff.


• Manage account

• Set-up new users

• Setting up and managing workflows

• Customization-fields, formulas, & layouts

• Automation of leads and campaigns

• Data import

• Customizing dashboards, reports, and




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Through utilizing your CRM's reporting and dashboard functions, sales teams, marketing, administration, and management will gain immediate insights into your customer's activity.  Quickly understand wins, losses, pipeline activity, forecasting and more by working with GGR to establish standard or custom reports and dashboards.


• Target Identification

• Create Dashboards

• Pipeline Reports

• Forecast Reports

• Automatic Report Generation Schedules

• Summary Reports

• Graphs and Charting

• Sales Funnels


Fit for Purpose CRM SYSTEMS


Increase  Efficiency


Implementing CRM solutions through GGR increases sales communication throughout an organization and provides critical information to key personnel.

Providing extensive training for sales representatives, managers, marketing , and other key personnel.

Establishing processes for sales teams and management to follow for the most effective use of your CRM system.

Working directly with companies to deliver the right management tool to effectively drive sales.

Strengthening the sales process by developing systems that increase the overall efficiency of planning, forecasting, and closing.



Establishing a proper CRM usage policy ensures that all users of the system follow the same guidelines and protocols.  A clear policy is designed to protect the integrity of the company's data within the systems across all platforms that are used.  GGR works directly with organizations to create a policy that fits within a organization's needs and implements the policy during initial CRM training.


• Identification of potential Super User/

• Determine possible hierarchy of user privileges,
   data access levels, & data sharing

• Explore usage controls and parameters

• Identify potential expectations of CRM Usage

• Gather CRM policy and procedure information

• Mobile Phone and tablet useage

• Privacy policy

• Exporting of data

Implementing successful CRM solutions to drive sales, manage prospects, and

identify and integrate key sales processes to maximize opportunities.

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